We partner with founders to make legal and regulatory strategy
their competitive advantage

Our community of legal operators has scaled first-class organizations in challenging and emerging regulatory environments and
built legal products that create new opportunities.

Legal Wayfinders

Whether its product, team, or go-to-market strategy, if there is a legal or regulatory angle we can help.

If Then Ventures is a community of attorneys and regulatory experts with first-hand experience building and scaling startups and products in challenging or emerging legal and regulatory environments.

We live at the intersection of law and technology. Thus, we take a special interest in founders embedding legal strategy directly into their product. These companies use a legal product or concept to reduce friction or remove obstacles and in the process create new market opportunities and shift existing paradigms.

Founders leverage our network to build their legal function. We know what it takes to build legal and compliance teams that lay the groundwork to drive growth and move the business forward.

The standard venture firms are great at what they do, but they are expensive and have not developed an operator's mentality because they are trained to do the opposite. They cannot do what we do.

Who We ARe


David Ikenna Adams
Founder - If Then Ventures

Co-founder, CEO - String

David previously led the legal team at Ponto, a Web3 fintech building bridges between digital assets and local economies. He also led commercial strategy, navigating disparate regulatory environments to build a global crypto-enabled company.

Prior to that, he led banking and payments strategy, partnerships, and roadmap for Eaze, the leading cannabis delivery platform in the US. Cannabis retailers in legalized markets still face significant obstacles in banking or simply taking a payment.
David founded IF:Then because he saw that he could help founders think through complex regulatory issues and build legal strategies directly into their products. He brought together a community of attorneys and regulatory experts to give founders access to the insights and experiences of some of the top legal operators in the country.


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